Fair as a Star.

Engaged and just home from a trip to Paris, Beryl Burnham should be the happiest woman in Shepton Worthy. But happiness seems to be a luxury as she secretly deals with a gripping sadness she can’t shake. When her dearest friend, Mark, discovers her secret, she finds his response surprising and endearing–a problem, to be sure, since she’s engaged to his brother.

Mark Rivenhall is a compassionate curate; it’s his duty to be there for the people of Shepton Worthy. But the pull he feels towards his brother’s intended isn’t borne of obligation, and when she trusts him with a burden he’d gladly bear for her, he’s at risk of losing even more of his heart to his beloved Beryl.

My Thoughts:

I’m fairly new to the Mimi Matthews fan club; I read The Matrimonial Advertisement in August of 2019 and I haven’t looked back. You know those authors that have you waiting with anticipation for their newest releases? And you automatically pre-order without even reading the blurb because WHO CARES what it’s about, it’s going to be good anyway?

Matthews is one of those authors for me.

I was so excited to read this one and even more excited to realize it lived up to Mimi‘s reputation. Tender and emotional and honest, with just enough angst to make the ending all the sweeter, Fair as a Star is a love story that is sure to satisfy readers.

I was incredibly grateful for the portrayal of Beryl’s mental health. There was no simple fix, no magic potion found in love. She is a woman, whole and lovely and nuanced. The author treats her with respect and, in turn, requires readers to do the same. I greatly appreciated that.

I could talk for days about these characters, even Beryl’s dog Ernest. But I’ll leave it at this: beautifully done. This book released earlier this week, so go get your copy today.

An always grateful shoutout to NetGalley and Mimi Matthews for a complimentary copy of this book. All expressed opinions belong to me.

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Book Boyfriend:

Mark Rivenhall is all things good and wonderful. I already knew I was going to love him because I love all of Mimi‘s heroes, but my goodness. He’s so kind and loving toward Beryl, and he’s trying so hard to be honorable. There’s just so much to love about him–and love him, I certainly do.


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