Storing Up Trouble.

When Beatrix Waterbury’s train is disrupted by a heist, scientist Norman Nesbit comes to her aid. After another encounter, he is swept up in the havoc she always seems to attract–including the attention of the men trying to steal his research–and they’ll soon discover the curious way feelings can grow between two very different people in the midst of chaos.

My Thoughts:

I’ve yet to read a Jen Turano book that hasn’t made me laugh out loud! This book was so much fun. There’s never a dull moment and the story hits the ground running with a hilarious meet-cute.

These characters are fantastic! Norman is adorably clueless, all brains and very little social tact. Beatrix is passionate and her own brand of brilliant. Her aunt and the whole crew of strong ladies that gather with her are an absolute hoot! And Theo! And the cats! And Mort the mule! I just love them all.

More than the cast of characters, the story is captivating. Norman’s growth is so sweet and the lessons that Beatrix learns are important ones. Fans of historical romances with a heavy dose of humor will enjoy this book so much. I highly recommend. It’s available now, friends.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. All expressed opinions belong to me.

Purchase: Amazon | Christianbook | Barnes & Noble | Baker Book House

Book Boyfriend:

Norman. His heart grows so much throughout the story and he has a genuine desire to be better. What’s better than that? Also, he’s just so funny.


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