Tidewater Bride.

Selah Hopewell seems to be the only woman in the Virginia colony who has no wish to marry. True, Jamestown has a shortage of potential wives—but Selah has her hands full assisting in her family’s shop. Xander Renick is the most eligible tobacco lord in the settlement. But can he convince Selah to become his Tidewater Bride?

My Thoughts:

This is only my second Laura Frantz novel, but I think she’s one of my new favorite authors because holy cow, she knows how to tell a story.

The historical detail is so rich without sacrificing the storytelling, so readers aren’t immersed in this world and pelted with facts that distract from the heart of the novel. Instead, Frantz skillfully leads readers into the lives of characters who quickly burrow into our hearts.

When the stakes are high, we’re invested. When our character friends are hurting, we ache with them. When our beloved hero and heroine share a tender moment alone, we hold our breath and dare anyone to interrupt. We live and breathe alongside Selah and Xander as they navigate their story. And that’s exactly what I want out of my reading experience.

The romance is gentle and powerful and perfect for the characters. There are moments of sorrow and pain and worry, but there are also moments of joy and love and hope. And the sign of an excellent book is the ability to experience it all within its pages.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Fans of historical romances will adore it. It is easily a five-star read and it’s available now, so go get it!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. All expressed opinions belong to me.

Purchase: Amazon | Christianbook | Barnes & Noble | Baker Book House

Book Boyfriend:

Xander. All day. Every single stinkin’ day. His heart is golden, he’s protective of what belongs to him, and he has integrity in his veins. Plus, he delivers a good dose of swoon. He’s just good and I love him.


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