Braced For Love.

After his father’s death, Kevin Hunt inherits a ranch in Wyoming–the only catch is it also belongs to a half brother he never knew existed. But danger follows Kevin, and he suspects his half brother is behind it. The only one willing to stand between them is Winona Hawkins–putting her in the cross hairs of a perilous plot and a risk at love.

from Baker Book House

My Thoughts:

I loved this little bundle of characters! So fun and funny. My goodness, I laughed often while reading this book. I love that the women characters are sassy and capable, though in different ways. And I love the brothers slowly growing more used to each other.

I had NO CLUE who was responsible for all of the chaos and I was completely surprised when it was revealed. I loved that I didn’t see it coming.

Though I loved Kevin and Win, I really wished they had more time together on the page. I’m a romance girl through and through; that’s what I’m here for. And though I did get a romance, I felt robbed of some great potential because of everything else going on. But I loved that Connealy laid the groundwork for the stories to come and I hope to see more of Kevin and Win in the next books.

Braced for Love is available now, and you’ll definitely want to read it before the next book (A Man with a Past) comes out in July!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. All expressed opinions belong to me.

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Book Boyfriend:

Kevin takes the cake in this book, but I have a sneaking suspicion that all of the Hunt brothers are book boyfriend material. Kev isn’t a troublemaker. He’s just trying to do right by his siblings . . . the ones he knows about AND the new ones he’s acquired. He’s made of sturdy stuff, which makes him reliable and loyal. There’s nothing fancy about the way he loves his people, but he loves them with everything he has and that has Book Boyfriend written all over it.


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