Along a Storied Trail.

Kentucky packhorse librarian Tansy Calhoun doesn’t mind the rough trails and long hours as she serves her mountain community during the Great Depression. Even the rough people–like ornery Perdita Sweet–have their charms. But can love bloom in such rocky soil?

from Baker Book House

My Thoughts:

This was my first Ann H. Gabhart novel. I’ve always looked forward to reading one of hers because she tells the story of my Kentucky people and I’m always a sucker for stories set in my home state.

There’s nothing flashy about this book, but these characters settle soft and slow in the heart of readers. Along a Storied Trail reads just like life, with the ebb and flow of blessings and hardships. Full of sorrow and strength and miracles, like so many of the stories I hear about the people in these hills.

The characters are the lifeblood of the novel. I LOVED Aunt Perdie! She’s a tough old bird, but soft on the inside. And so funny! Exactly like a strong mountain woman who has been through some things and has some stories to tell. I just wanted Tansy to GET HER ACT TOGETHER, but I suppose that’s a reflection of real life, too. We can’t always see what we have.

I’m very grateful for that ending. It was beautiful and right in all the ways. Overall, this is a delightful book for readers who want a slower-paced, character-driven tale. It’s available now!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. All expressed opinions belong to me.

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Book Boyfriend:

Caleb. My, my, my. A kind man who isn’t pushy, is super helpful, and who thinks his girl hung the moon? I can’t deal. Caleb is dreamy and I spent half the book telling Tansy if she didn’t want him, I’d certainly take him.


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