The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery.

For decades, three generations of women of Old Depot Grocery have been keeping secrets from each other. When Sarah returns home with hopes of running the store, the long-buried past will be brought into the light and threaten not only to destroy the family business but sever the family ties.

from Baker Book House
Also, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS COVER?! All of the heart eyes.

My Thoughts:

My goodness, this writing is fantastic. It’s rich and heartfelt and moving. I almost didn’t read this book because it isn’t my typical cup of tea (give me alllllllll the romance), but I’m so glad that I gave this book a chance! It’s wonderful.

This book is a journey, let me tell you. If you read the first few chapters and think you know how this book will make you feel, you’re absolutely wrong and that’s okay because it happened to me, too. I was afraid I’d be frustrated. I was afraid this book was just going to be one miserable angst fest, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a story of redemption, of how God can take our stories and make something beautiful out of them when we’re honest with ourselves. With Him. With others.

I can’t recommend this book enough! Especially for fans of women’s fiction. This book made me want to know my mother and grandmothers better, to love them more completely. What a gift. The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery is available now and you truly don’t want to miss it.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. All expressed opinions belong to me.

Purchase: Amazon | Baker Book House | Christianbook | Barnes & Noble

Book Boyfriend(s):

Clarence Clearwater is an absolute gem and we need more men like him. He loves without reservation, without being pushy or demanding. His kindness and compassion are instruments of healing and I just want to grow up to be more like Clarence, okay? But we also need to talk about Clay. His quiet encouragement is everything we need and he’s definitely someone you would want in your corner. This book isn’t necessarily a romance, but I’d lie if I said I didn’t swoon for these two gentlemen. 🙂


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