Tacos for Two.

Rory Perez can’t cook, but she inherited a taco food truck from her late aunt. Desperate for money to keep the family business, she goes up against her worst competitor in a festival competition–the man she’s been anonymously flirting with online for weeks.

from Baker Book House

My Thoughts:

I really loved the side characters in this novel! Grady, Nicole, and Hannah shined in nearly every scene they were in. I loved their interactions with Rory and Jude, and I loved their interactions with one another. I especially loved Hannah. I really appreciated that the author portrayed her with independence and honesty and kindness.

As for the romance . . . I had high hopes and even higher expectations because I adore You’ve Got Mail. Gimme two enemies in real life who really like each other secretly online. Let them begin to like each other in real life. Let there be delicious tension and angst when they discover who they truly are. And then LET THERE BE DAISIES because they truly are the friendliest flower.

I liked Rory and Jude when they were online, messaging back and forth. Their messages were my favorite parts of the book because it’s where the magic happened. Personally, for me, I felt Rory and Jude lacked some of that magic in person. Rory was so busy being offended and Jude was so busy being distracted or clueless that I struggled to root for their connection.

But I still recommend this book for fans of contemporary, clean romances! There are plenty of You’ve Got Mail references to make fans happy, and enough food truck discussion to make readers want to eat their weight in street tacos. Tacos for Two is available now!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. All expressed opinions belong to me.

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Book Boyfriend:

It’s a toss-up between Jude and Grady, for completely different reasons. Jude certainly has his issues, but he’s trying to pave his own path and there were times when my heart actually ached for him. He came from a mess and he’s trying to be less of a mess, but it feels like he keeps getting kicked at every turn. Also, any man who speaks fluent You’ve Got Mail is a special brand of dreamy. BUT GRADY. He’s a grump, but it’s all show. He’s loyal and he loves his people well and he can cook. At the end of the day, can you really ask for more?


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