Love on the Range.

Assigned by the Pinkertons to spy on a suspicious ranch owner, Molly Garner hires on as his housekeeper, closely followed by Wyatt Hunt, who refuses to let her risk it alone. But when danger arises, Wyatt must band together with his problematic brothers to face all the troubles of life and love that suddenly surround them.

from Baker Book House

My Thoughts:

I’d been looking forward to Wyatt and Molly’s story since I first got the inkling they may be paired in Braced for Love. For some reason, they were the couple I zeroed in on. I couldn’t wait to see how Connealy was going to write them together.

I loved their interactions. I also loved how protective Wyatt was of Molly, even in her own struggles to be wanted for more than her housekeeping and cleaning. It’s very easy to feel like you’re being taken for granted when you provide so much for your family and I think Molly’s character displayed that frustration and hurt in a realistic way.

Just like the other novels in the series, this book allows for several characters to share the stage and tell the story from their point of view. Because I love these characters, I really enjoyed that they were still around to see how they lived beyond their own happily ever afters.

Overall, this read was a great way to wrap up the series and I smiled like a dork when I read the final page, which is always a good sign. I’ll miss these characters!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. All expressed opinions belong to me.

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Book Boyfriend:

Wyatt. He’s patient and understanding and protective of Molly, but also his family. He has a tendency of finding himself in unfortunate situations, but he’s smart enough to realize who has his back. And love his heart, he stands firm in what he believes is right and in what he wants. He’s perfect for Molly.


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