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I’m blessed to receive complimentary (free) books from publishers and authors, but I am not required to write positive reviews in exchange. I receive no compensation for reviews and all expressed opinions belong solely to me. I promise to share my honest thoughts with you. Each review of a complimentary book is noted by an italicized disclaimer near the end of the review. This is in accordance to the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines concerning endorsements and testimonials (16 CFR Part 255).


I do not gather your information and sell or share it to any third-party. There are a few instances in which data is collected on http://www.soulofalibrarian.home.blog (“this space”, “the blog”) which will be discussed below.


Some personal information is collected in order for you to comment in this space. This information will not be sold to a third-party or used for any purpose other than identifying you in the comment section. I don’t recommend sharing any personal information within the comment itself. By leaving a comment, you are consenting to the fact that anything you comment is then made visible to the public. I reserve the right to remove comments that are unkind or considered spam.

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Additional comments:

Look, I’m just in this for book fun, okay? I don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to mess with your personal information. I don’t know anything about the internet and I’m too distracted by books to want to be mean to other human beings. So be kind in the comments, treat this place with respect, and we should be fine, friends.