Autumn Skies.

Facing the past is easier if you don’t have to face it alone.

The Bluebell Inn is turning a profit, and it’s time for the Bennett siblings to sell it and move on. Only Grace has plans to stay in the small lake town of Bluebell, North Carolina, where she hopes her growing outfitters business will save her from the loneliness of her siblings’ departure and the persistent sense of unworthiness in her life.

A gunshot wound resurrects the past for Secret Service agent Wyatt Jennings, and a mandatory leave of absence lands him in Bluebell. There he must come to grips with the tragedy that altered his life fourteen years ago.

When Wyatt books a room at the Bluebell Inn, sparks fly between him and Grace. She volunteers to be his mountain guide, and he soon opens up to her, drawn to her strength and sense of humor. But both are reticent to talk about the survivor’s guilt they each carry, and when their pasts finally collide, their budding romance might not survive the truth.

My Thoughts:

I’m trying really hard to make this a review and not just an explosion of all the reader feelings.

It’s not likely to happen.

Hunter‘s ability to make a scene crackle with tension is displayed perfectly in Autumn Skies. Wyatt and Grace are my wounded babies and I would fight for them. I wouldn’t have to, of course, but I’d certainly attempt it. Their chemistry is off the charts, which means it leaps off the page, but there’s still such a sweet and soft emotional pull. It’s angsty in all of the right ways.

If, like me, you’ve loved the Bennett siblings and hope to see more of them, rest assured that you do! Readers catch up with everyone and it’s so good for the heart. There simply wasn’t a better way to end the series and I’m grateful that Hunter handled it so beautifully.

I laughed (those siblings are something else). I swooned (Wyatt is something else). I cried (the Lord truly is something else). There was such a tender moment that I had to put the book down because I couldn’t see through the tears. Healing–alone and with someone–is such a journey and it’s handled wonderfully.

You don’t want to miss this one, friends. All the stars, all the hearts. Autumn Skies is available now!

A huge thank you to the publisher for the complimentary copy of this book. All expressed opinions belong to me.

Purchase: Amazon | Christianbook | Barnes & Noble | Baker Book House

Book Boyfriend:

Wyatt. I spent most of the book wanting to hug him. Wounded and hurting, our beloved Wyatt is searching for healing when he gets more than he bargained for in Grace. He’s imperfect, human, made of tough stuff, but such a softie on the inside. It’s impossible not to love him.


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