10 Reasons You Should Read “Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish”.

After spiraling out of control in a very public way, celebrity chef Max Cavanagh is trying to get his life–and his career– back in shape. But it will require apologizing and working with the one woman who had a front row seat to his fall from grace.

Sweet and Southern Hadley Beckett is riding a wave of success, hoping to put the Chef Max debacle behind her–until he shows up at her door. When the biggest moment of her career rides on her partnership with the confusing man, she sees no other choice than to work with him.

As the chefs navigate their past for the benefit of their futures, they find that forgiveness, friendship, and maybe even love can be found in the most unexpected places.

10 Reasons You Should Read:

  1. Max. I’m a sucker for a redeemed butthead and Max plays the part so well. He’s a mess, but he’s trying and it makes for a fascinating read. You will lose your heart to him. It’s okay. It happens to the best all of us.
  2. Hadley. Our sweet, sassy, and unapologetically Southern heroine is everything you’d want her to be. She has a massive amount of heart and it comes through the page. And honestly? She’s the Bethany Turner heroine I relate to the most. Not the cooking, but the wanting-to-see-good-in-everybody-except-for-that-one-guy-because-he’s-the-worst.
  3. Relatable struggles. So many beautiful themes course through this book–redemption, forgiveness, second chances, fancy names of dishes I can’t pronounce, healing from what hurts you so you don’t chuck culinary masterpieces at unsuspecting people . . . just quality content across the board. In all seriousness, you don’t have to be a famous chef to relate to Hadley and Max. They’re healing and growing just like we all are. They just make excellent meals while doing so.
  4. Newsies reference! It’s brief and casual on page 200-something, but I grinned like a dork and it made me unreasonably happy. Judge not lest ye be judged, my friends.
  5. The Kiss(es). We’re just gonna discuss this, okay? I’ve read my fair share of Christian and clean romance. The Kiss can make or break an otherwise decent book. I’m pleased to announce that Turner gets The Kiss(es) so right.
  6. Humor. This book is a rom-com (romantic comedy) and it delivers in both aspects. I LOL’d several times while reading. The pure sassafras of, well, every character is a thing of beauty.
  7. Nashville. Maybe this isn’t a selling point for you, but I love Nashville. And while there are other settings (hello, NYC), Nashville made me the most happy.
  8. Stuart. I’m in his corner and if Bethany wanted to write a novel or novella situation for his own happy ending, I’d buy that sucker in a heartbeat. I stan Stu.
  9. THAT EPILOGUE. I’m sorry that I’m yelling, but you’ll be yelling, too, when you read it. Yelling, sighing, squealing . . . whatever your contented little heart decides to do when everything is right and beautiful and perfect in the world.
  10. It’s my favorite. It feels like a big statement to make, but HadBeck is my favorite Bethany Turner novel so far. She’s on my keeper shelf and she’ll stay there for generations to come (HadBeck, not Bethany. We do not promote or condone kidnapping in this space). It’s just everything a rom-com should be and I love it. I think you will, too.

Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish releases today, so run and get it! I’m so excited for you to meet these characters.

I’m grateful to Revell and Bethany Turner for the complimentary copy of this novel. All expressed opinions belong solely to me.

Purchase: Amazon | Christianbook | Barnes & Noble | Baker Book House


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